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Links to other peace, disarmament, and conflict resolution sites

• published Jan 30, 2010 • last edit May 23, 2023

Peace research and peace archives

Thirty-One Hours: The Grindstone Experiment (online html and epub editions of a classic 1965 social experiment in nonviolent defence)
Japan Center for Conflict Prevention, Japan
Dialogue Webpage for Conflicts Worldwide, Japan
Institute for Peace Science, Hiroshima, Japan
Peace Research Information Unit, Bonn, Germany
Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace
International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam
Peace and Justice Studies Association (incorporates COPRED and PSA)
Institute for Peace and Justice / Parenting for Peace and Justice Network
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
International Peace Research Association

Peace Education

University of Peace, Costa Rica
Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, Conrad Grebel College
Teaching and Learning for Peace

Democracy and nonviolent social change

The Albert Einstein Institution
The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy (site for Metta Spencer’s new book)

Campaigning groups


Nonviolent Peaceforce
JustEarth: A Coalition for Environmental Justice
Committee for Peace Not War, Japan
Global Reconciliation Project, Northern Ireland
Christian Peacemaker Teams
International Peace Bureau
War Resisters’ International
Peace Brigades International
International Fellowship of Reconciliation
Global Citizens
SIPAZ: International peace service for Latin America
Amnesty International
Nonviolence International, South-East Asia
Quaker Peace Centre, Capetown, South Africa

National (Canada)

Project Ploughshares: Canada’s ecumenical peace coalition
Science for Peace
Canadian Pugwash Group
The Group of 78
Physicians for Global Survival
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
United Nations Association in Canada
World Federalists of Canada
ACT for the Earth
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Canadian Peace Alliance
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
Conscience Canada
Centre de ressources sur la non-violence
Peace Brigades International
Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada

Local (Canada)

Victoria Peace Centre
Peacewaves (youth peace group, Calgary)

National (USA)

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors/ The Objector
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, California
The Nonviolence Web
War Resisters League, New York
Center on Conscience and War
Temple of Love (multifaith, FOR affiliate group)


Democracy Now
Peace and Conflict Monitor
International Peackeeping (journal)
Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service
Gandhi Information Centre, Berlin
Vision TV
Noticias Aliadas, Latin American news service
The Nuclear Files
Peace News, London
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, London
OMRI Daily Digest
Tower of Babel


Hanna Newcombe website (five volumes of collected papers on peace research, politics, religion, and science)
Economics of Civil War, Crime and Violence (World Bank project)
Magazines Canada (formerly Canadian Magazine Publishers Association — PMag distributors and source for info on other Canadian magazines)
Peace Resources Page, Antenna networks, Netherlands
The Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Clementsport, Nova Scotia
Neve Shalom/Wahat Al-Salam (Jewish-Palestinian Arab peace village in Israel)
Metta Spencer homepage
Douglas Roche homepage
United Nations
NATO Official Homepage
Canada’s Parliament: Home Page
Zero Nuclear Weapons


Metta Spencer’s blog
David Cortright’s blog

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