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Policies for contributors and subscribers

• published Feb 22, 2020 • last edit Jan 02, 2022

For contributors

Status of articles and illustrations

Our articles are normally original works, or have been adapted substantially from earlier works. Photographs and graphics are either original works intended for use in Peace Magazine, have been acquired from Creative Commons sources, or have been licensed for use. Credits are given where relevant.

Reprint, reuse and citation

Peace Magazine is published under a licence equivalent to the Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivatives (CC-by-nd) licence. The following notice has appeared on our masthead since our first issue in March 1985:

“Editorial or pictorial content may be reproduced in any medium, provided that reprints are prominently credited (to both the original author and to Peace Magazine) and that copies of any reprinted materials are forwarded to us.”

Our preferred styles for citations are:

  • for a reprint of an entire article: “Reprinted from Peace Magazine (, Vol.NN, No.N, Jan-Mar 20XX”
  • for an excerpt, an inline citation, or an endnote: “Author Name, “Article Title”. In Peace Magazine, Vol.NN, No.N, Jan-Mar 20XX, p.N.” [Add the URL if relevant; canonical URLs for articles will all begin with]1

In some circumstances, we may ask that you contact the original author separately to outline your plans.

Sample copies

We can supply multiple free copies of one or more back issues of the magazine for your peace event, education fair, or open house [Canadian addresses only].

For contributors

Authorial rights

Authors are completely free to make whatever use they want of their own articles, whether or not they cite Peace Magazine as the source of first publication.

Selected articles appear online at once an issue has been published. Entire issues are added at the end of the year of publication, so we have a complete archive of articles up to the end of the preceding year. A small number of third-party online archives (serving universities and other institutions) also carry full text versions of our issues.

As our contributors are unpaid, we do not issue formal contracts. Prior to publication, contributors will be asked to confirm that they consent to their material being used both in the magazine and on the third-party services cited above.

Guidelines for prospective contributors can be found here.

For subscribers

Data Protection Policies

These policies are a legal requirement for a publication with postal subscribers in Canada.

(a) the name or title, and the address, of the person who is accountable for the organization’s policies and practices and to whom complaints or inquiries can be forwarded
Policy and practice queries to: Ken Simons, office manager, Peace Magazine, PO Box 248, Stn P, Toronto ON M5S 2S7
(b) the means of gaining access to personal information held by the organization
A paper copy of an individual subscriber’s subscription record(s) can be sent to that person (or their legal representative)
(c) a description of the type of personal information held by the organization, including a general account of its use
Supplied by subscriber: name, address, postcode, telephone if given, email address if given;
Payment amount and method of payment (cheque, credit card or bill) are recorded as received. Cheque numbers are not recorded for individuals or institutions, but are recorded in the case of subscription agencies. As we use PayPal as an intermediary for credit card payments, we do not retain subscribers’ credit card information, either on paper or electronically;
Subscription periods, annotations concerning subscription or address changes, subscription types, and other information necessary for the output of magazine mailing labels, reminder letters, and related correspondence;
An indication of whether or not the subscriber’s address can be shared with other organizations is indicated in a data field labelled “mailing type”;
Expired subscriptions are retained on the electronic database for a three-year period, during which time we may send invitations to re-subscribe. Subscribers who have explicitly cancelled their subscriptions, either upon renewal or partway through the term of their subscription, are retained on the database but are flagged not to receive reminders.
Deceased subscribers’ names are deleted from the active database immediately upon notification, except where the next of kin have requested continuation of the subscription in their name.
(d) a copy of any brochures or other information that explain the organization’s policies, standards, or codes
The document you are now reading is available via the menu on the start page or by mail/email.
(e) what personal information is made available to related organizations
From time to time, Peace Magazine trades or sells relevant portions of its list to groups or publications with a compatible purpose or philosophy, strictly on a single-use basis and with prior approval by Peace Magazine staff of the contents of the target mailing. Addresses marked ‘no exchange’ are always excluded from these transactions. Mailing houses are generally used for these direct mail campaigns, but we may grant permission to smaller organizations to carry out in-house mailings with portions of our list (again, under a strict single-use agreement).

Ken Simons, office manager, January 2004 — updated December 2009 and February 2020

1 Featured articles from the current issue or year may show a comment-enabled version (which uses a non-canonical URL) but a canonical link will be included at the foot of the page as well as in the pages’ meta-information.

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