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• published Jul 20, 2023 • last edit Jul 21, 2023


From The Editor

Our Readers Write

High Seas Biodiversity Treaty

Pollution has made much of the world’s oceans into “dead zones,”
but now 30 percent may be saved.

A Vision without an Implementation Plan May only be a Hallucination

Paul Meyer was not impressed by the G7 Leaders’ statement on nuclear disarmament in Hiroshima.

Brazil’s Politics of Scorn: Bolsonaro

Lula won the election, but Thaissa De Arruda explains how Bolsonaro got away with what he did so long.

Jayantha Dhanapala

The late diplomat presided over the 1993 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference, then headed Pugwash, and Paul Meyer recalls him with deep admiration.

World Population Day

Cody Peluso tells about the organization she serves, which promotes female reproductive rights with TV and radio stories.

A Faulty Advisor: the IPCC

It’s not all their fault: the IPCC’s role is only advisory. Nations make the results, so fossil fuel wins every time, according to Thomas J.E. Goreau, who has a good idea.

Putin’s War and Russia after Putin

Denis Grekov already could see the cracks in the Kremlin.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Enrico Coiera and Ronald St. John are physicians in two different continents but they both use the internet to heal.

Remembering Graeme MacQueen

He was a scholar specializing in Buddhism but his work for peace was the top issue in his life, writes Paul Dekar.

Ethiopia’s Pursuit of Inclusive Peace

Will this society break out of the cycle of violence and achieve democracy? Zerihun Kenate wants an answer.

Darkness: Nuclear Winter — Fire, Ice, Famine

John Hallam says scientists have known for years that smoke from nuclear bombing of cities will blot out the sun.

In Memoriam, Ronald Shirtliff

Our beloved partner in editing Peace Magazine has left us, and Metta Spencer has found it hard to let him go.

A Japanese Buddhist Award for Peace

When her life partner, Rajagopal, was recognized by a Buddhist peace group for his leadership in India, Jill Carr-Harris shared in the honors for working with youth and women.

Climate Change Threatens Canada’s Forests

David Price and Robin Collins received harsh word from people who thought their Globe and Mail article meant they want to cut down all Canada’s oldest trees.

Nicaragua in the Global Chess Game with Russia and China

Remember Daniel Ortega? Guess what and his wife Rosaria have been up to! Carole Jerome’s hint: It relates to the Panama Canal.

Canada’s Bob Rae at the U.N.

Olivia Ward and Metta Spencer chatted with Canada’s Ambassador to the UN about the plight of refugees — especially Russians hiding from the war. But it seems that nations still make the rules, not a Canadian diplomat on his own.

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