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Peace Magazine

Guidelines for authors

• published Dec 29, 2009 • last edit Apr 14, 2020

Peace Magazine publishes quarterly and is glad to receive submissions relating to peace, disarmament, weapons of mass destruction, conflict resolution, and political or military affairs in hot-spots around the world. We are entirely a volunteer organization and unfortunately cannot pay for articles.


We prefer that submissions be received by e-mail in text-only format rather than as an attachment. If you must send your article as an attachment, for instance if there are footnotes, ensure that you save in .docx (Microsoft Word 2007 or newer) and/or .rtf (Rich Text Format).

If you have suitable digital photographs, please provide these, either as attachments or as links, together with credits and captions. Please ensure that you have permission to use a particular image, either directly from the photographer or through a user licence such as Creative Commons.

Articles vary from 400 to 3000 words in length, but it would be wise to check with us about plans for upcoming issues before investing much time in writing an article. We do not publish fiction or poetry. We sometimes print book and film reviews. We will try to reply promptly to proposals.

We prefer that articles use Chicago Style Manual usage, but that is not important, since we edit all copy extensively. We almost never reprint articles, so please submit only original pieces.

Scope of publication

We encourage reprints of our articles, and use a licence equivalent to Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivatives (CC-by-nd) for our content. People reprinting our articles are recommended to cite both Peace Magazine and the original author.

Authors are completely free to make whatever use they want of their own articles, whether or not they cite Peace Magazine as the source of first publication.

Selected articles appear online at once an issue has been published. Entire issues are added at the end of the year of publication, so we have a complete archive of articles up to the end of the preceding year. A small number of third-party online archives (serving universities and other institutions) also carry full text versions of our issues.

Metta Spencer
Editor in Chief

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