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Vol.36, No.4: Oct-Dec 2020

China in the World

During the Cold War years, activists debated how best to respond to Soviet human rights violations. Now, we face that dilemma about China. Read our special feature on the country, its discontents, and its global influence, beginning with James Dorsey on the Middle East and nuclear technology.
Photo: Beijing’s Tiananmen Gate at night

Also in this issue

China in Xinjiang
The Muslim Uyghurs who live in Xinjiang province have suffered greatly under Chinese rule, particularly during the past decade. Charles Burton reports.

China in the Arctic
China currently has interests in iron mining in Greenland; research stations in Svalbard and Iceland; and an interest in buying the Hope Bay bold mine in Canada’s Arctic, writes Adele Buckley.

Time for a Pandemic Pivot
The pandemic has been an accelerant, speeding up or aggravating developments that were already underway, writes John Feffer.

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Updated 11 October 2020

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