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Vol.37, No.2: Apr-Jun 2021

Rights, politics, peace, and hope

We recently invited Bob Rae, a former Ontario premier—now an international human rights defender and United Nations ambassador—to sit down for a while to share his concerns. (See Ambassador Bob Rae on Human Rights to read more.)

Bob Rae (above), as Canada’s special envoy to Myanmar during the Rohingya crisis. Photo courtesy of the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations.

Also in this issue

See what mothers and their allies can accomplish while applying nonviolent tactics to bring down a repressive regime. Michaela Ehring recalls the impressive work done by activist Argentine women in The Mothers of the Disappeared.

The US and the European Union will have made a mockery of human rights if they give too much leeway to the brutal (though technically democratic) Erdogan regime. Our frequent contributor Alon Ben-Meir explains why Turkish Prisons are Beyond the Pale of Humanity.


We are pleased to announce that Peace Magazine can now be read on PressReader, the world’s largest digital magazine provider. More details will follow.

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Updated 09 April 2021

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