Peace Magazine: April-June 2022: Vol.38 No.2

Peace Magazine

April-June 2022: Vol.38 No.2

• published Apr 16, 2022 • last edit Sep 15, 2023

From the Editor … 4

Tribute to Clyde Sanger … 6

Tribute to Alexa McDonough … 7

Iran-US Relations: Past and Present … 8

Mojtaba Mahdavi traces the roots of today’s deadlocked negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program back to Eisenhower’s pivotal role in the 1953 coup.

Turkey ‘s Reactors and Russia ‘s Control of the Mediterranean … 14

Anti-nuclear power activist Pinar Demircan reminds us that Russian reactors are dangerous everywhere — and Turkey bites the smart financing bait.

Demilitarization: Is It Time for Civilian-Based Defence? … 16

Richard Sandbrook offers a timely reminder of Gene Sharp’s brilliant suggestions for defending countries against foreign attacks. A prepared population can deny attackers their objectives and make it impossible to consolidate their political control.

Canadian Motor Speedway: Investment Deals with Dictatorships … 19

John Bacher spent 13 years fighting a Canada-Dubai deal to build a NASCAR speedway on a wetland on the Niagara Peninsula. There are lessons to be learned from his experience.

Two interviews about Russia and NATO with Gorbachev’s aides:

Likhotal on Putin … 21

After a long career as Gorbachev’s adviser, then as head of Green Cross International, Alexander Likhotal now teaches in a university for diplomacy in Geneva. In this conversation in mid-February, he analyzes Putin’s intentions, which are not really about Ukraine. This world order will change; nations have not existed always and will not continue forever.

Palazhchenko on Gorbachev … 31

Pavel Palazhchenko interpreted for Shevardnadze and then Gorbachev in the most important negotiations during the Cold War. He still helps manage the Gorbachev Foundation, teaches interpreting, and works in Europe. When translating Gorbachev’s articles now he sometimes thinks them too self-critical about past decisions. He translated when Baker said “not an inch to the east,” but says it wasn’t a promise.

Building a Post-Extractivist Future for Latin America … 40

John Feffer is studying green economic plans around the world at the Institute for Policy Studies. Here he reports on conversations with environmentalists in Latin America and the new initiative — the “Ecosocial Pact of the South.” It works at the grassroots to promote a green economy.

Project Save the World’s History and Plans … 45

Peace Magazine will be one of the three platforms for public discourse in the new non-profit organization. Everyone who contributes will become a member.


Newsworthy… 2
Editorial … 4
Letters … 5
Reviews … 43
Controversies … 46
Talk Show list … 49

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