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• published Jan 08, 2024 • last edit Apr 04, 2024


Does a Magazine Educate You?

Two branches of the Canadian government hold opposing views on the subject. One view holds that some of the most important education is informal. Magazines are excellent tools for “mobilizing the knowledge” that researchers have produced by making people aware of it as they sit in the dentist’s waiting room.

Defrosting the Cold War with China

John Feffer imagines being a marital counselor for two countries, China and the United States, who have been having a spat.

Cyber Tug of War at the UN

Why does cyber security have such a low profile at the U.N. General Assembly? This frustrates Paul Meyer, who recounts the struggle this year between blocs of countries that support two competing proposals.

Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, and Peacebuilding

the ‘scourge of war,’ but how can we do so? There are three approaches to maintaining peace and Security, notes James C. Simeon.

Israel-Jordan Relations in the Wake of the Gaza War

No other country has been so profoundly affected by the war in Gaza as Jordan, Alon Ben Meir observes. Can a cooperative relationship be restored afterward?

Meet a Peace Worker During a War

No peace worker living in Ukraine now can induce the decisionmakers to use only nonviolent methods of struggle. So what constructive approaches remain open? Andre Kamenshikov is working toward changes that may become feasible after the fighting ends. Come and meet him in Canada.


predict all kinds of events that are known to reoccur with a unknown frequency. Paul Werbos and his friends are working to develop ways of predicting solar flares to predict future Carrington events — and lots of other apparently irregular phenomena.

To Extract or Not to Extract

Ole Hendrickson attended a round table discussion about whether to reprocess spent fuel from CANDU reactors. The government has not officially decided yet, but activists are worried about the risk that the plutonium could be captured and used in a bomb.

COP 28’s Report Card

Hurray! The final report from Dubai actually referred to “fossil fuels” for the first time. But it seems that the plan is not to phase them our rapidly but rather to “transition away” from them. What do climate change activists think this means?

To Pile Sand on Tuvalu

Tapugao Falefou is Tuvalu’s ambassador to the U.N. He is not hoping for any country to take his people in and give them a new homeland after the inundation of their Islands. He wants help in dredging sand from the ocean and piling it up to raise the height of Tuvalu and save its future.

Under the Baobab Tree

Mukete Tahle Itoe is a judge and the leader of a humanitarian Organization in Cameroon, where a civil war has been raging since 2017. The 20 percent of Cameroonians who are English speaking want to retain their education system and use of Common Law.

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