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  1. Editorial, Jul-Aug 1995, p.4
  2. Letters, Jul-Aug 1995, p.5
  3. Michel Chossudovsky Who won the Vietnam War?, Jul-Aug 1995, p.6
  4. Chris Higgins The heavy hand of China, Jul-Aug 1995, p.8
  5. Shirley Farlinger (interviewer) Linking the weapons producers to the weapons recipients, Jul-Aug 1995, p.11
  6. Metta Spencer (interviewer) That's the way it is, Jul-Aug 1995, p.12
  7. Alyn Ware To court the bomb: the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the World Court cases, Jul-Aug 1995, p.16
  8. Drew Glick Urban terrorism: could it happen here?, Jul-Aug 1995, p.18
  9. Julia Kalinina Under seige: when they shoot toward the right side, sleep on the left side, Jul-Aug 1995, p.20
  10. Caitlin McVean Peace in the schoolyard: conflict resolution in the classroom, Jul-Aug 1995, p.24
  11. Newsworthy, Jul-Aug 1995, p.28
  12. Caitlin McVean (reviewer) A million for peace: the story of the peacemaking fund of the United Church of Canada, Jul-Aug 1995, p.31

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