When the Russians' war against Chechnya began we saw rebel fighters running around wearing bedsheets as camouflage against the snow. Now it is sweltering hot, but the war is not over. The suffering civilians blame both Dudayev and Yeltsin for it. Our sometime correspondent, Julia Kalinina, was surrounded for a week in a suburb of Grozny. When she returned home, bringing an 11-year-old girl, she described what she had seen, but the editor of her Moscow paper would not publish the story; He says Russians do not want to read negative reports of their soldiers who are fighting in Chechnya. Julia's story was plenty negative. Read it here.

For a different slant on Russia's relations with its Muslim neighbors, have a look at my interview with Ayad AI-Qazzaz, who also proposes a theory about why the U.N. continues its economic sanctions against his native country; Iraq. (The oil, stupid!)

Activists, this is no time to rest on your oars! The U.N. extended the Non-Proliferation Treaty indefinitely, so immediately the Chinese and French announced further tests, and the U.S. sent up a trial balloon suggesting they might do so too. Now's the time to yell and protest. Better yet, stop buying anything French. The IPB has called for a boycott of French products to protest this mindless decision. Alyn Ware's article relates the NPT to a plan to ask the World Court to rule on nuclear weapons - a project that has just become even more important.

Finally, a request. Occasionally we receive a letter from a subscriber saying that she can no longer afford the magazine, though she wants it. Will you chip in, so we can keep her/him on the mailing list? Thanks!

Peace Magazine Jul-Aug 1995

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