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  1. Nancy Watt Editorial Letter, June 1985, p.2
  2. Letters, June 1985, p.4
  3. Newsworthy, June 1985, p.5
  4. National Letter-Writing Coalition, June 1985, p.10
  5. Coleman Romalis What is Star Wars Doing to Canada?, June 1985, p.11
  6. Metta Spencer (interviewer) Speaking Their Peace, June 1985, p.16
  7. Nancy Watt (ed) Network News, June 1985, p.23
  8. Gary Marchant Peace Marches Allow People To Take First Step For Peace, June 1985, p.26
  9. Jennifer Kinloch Vancouver March Serves As Case Study Of Media Manipulation Of "News", June 1985, p.27
  10. Metta Spencer NPT Review Conference Provides Forum For Peace by Member States, June 1985, p.28

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