Peace Magazine: October-December 2020: Vol.36, No.4

Peace Magazine

October-December 2020: Vol.36, No.4

• published Oct 01, 2020 • last edit Dec 01, 2020

Greenpeace: The First Fifty Years
Once upon a time, there was a fishing boat called Greenpeace, or so it was called by the men who steamed towards a nuclear test site in 1971. Jan Noel looks at how the boat became a movement, and how the movement became global.

The Peace Community in the Age of Zoom
The Zoom conferencing app is replacing human interaction and Douglas Roche doesn’t like it. But he comes to terms with Zoom’s many strengths as a tool which brings people together.

China in the Middle East
As James Dorsey notes, China has failed to impose restraints on its nuclear dealings with Saudi Arabia, which could spell trouble elsewhere in the region.

China in Hong Kong
Until very recently, Hong Kong had been a relative oasis of security and freedom, first with British colonial status and then as a semi-autonomous region, writes Peter Baehr.

China in Xinjiang
The Muslim Uyghurs who live in Xinjiang province have suffered greatly under Chinese rule, particularly during the past decade. Charles Burton reports.

China in the Arctic
Well before 2010, China was petitioning for observer status at the Arctic Council. Adele Buckley explains why.

China in India
Subir Guin notes that before India gained independence in 1947, details of its northern border with China were drawn up by the British but never signed by the Chinese.

China in Niagara
A Chinese development company has been seeking permission to build a NASCAR-style racetrack in the Niagara region. If approved, such a move would destroy wetlands and further endanger vulnerable wildlife, writes John Bacher.

Mali: More Instability in an Unstable Region
A military coup on August 18th this year was followed by promises of a transitional government within nine months. Will the military be able to carry out such a broadly-based cooperative effort?, asks René Wadlow.

Time for a Pandemic Pivot
The pandemic has been an accelerant, speeding up or aggravating developments that were already underway, writes John Feffer.

From War Games to Peacekeeping Games
Walter Dorn has hopes for modelling peacekeeping and nonviolence through the popular medium of video games.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Today’s Movement for Racial Justice
The martyred Bonhoeffer not only taught, but also lived, a theology of the oppressed. Sam Ben-Meir expands.

Global Parliament of Mayors
Mayors around the world have always had to “think globally and act locally,” notes Michaela Ehring.

Helping New Zealand Councils Act on Climate
“The government is not necessarily our opponent. We just need to plan our approach.” Bruce Gilkison, Jenny Easton, and Carolyn Hughes share their experiences in working directly with local government.

Updates on civil resistance

Reviews: Richard Rhodes, Why they Kill: The Discoveries of a Maverick Criminologist, reviewed by Robin Collins; Scott Ritter, Scorpion King: America’s Suicidal Embrace of Nuclear Weapons from FDR to Trump, reviewed by Michel Duguay.

Our Readers Write: Normalizing Colonialism (a response to an Alon Ben-Meir article in the July 2020 Peace Magazine), by Sally Campbell.

Peace Crossword playable version (Across Lite format): current issue’s puzzle | all puzzles to date.

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