Peace Magazine: Oct-Dec 2019: Vol.35, No.4

Peace Magazine

Oct-Dec 2019: Vol.35, No.4

Count the Money! Divest!
There’s some good advice from Alyn Ware, the brains behind the “Move the Nuclear Weapons Money” project—a manual count of million-dollar banknotes needed to pay for just one year’s worth of nuclear weaponry.

Civil Society Builds Peace in Liberia
Social peace is a fragile goal for West Africa’s oldest republic, having recently recovered from dictatorship and two civil wars. Melchi-Zedek S.P. Dologbay outlines the job training and peacekeeping work of Camp for Peace.

Modi’s India: A Conversation
Ashis Nandy, Subir Guin, and Metta Spencer discuss the ways in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed India, from the Kashmir “crisis” to relations with Pakistan to the precarious position of family farms.COMMENT

Acknowledging Indigenous Land
Since the times of first contact, Indigenous Peoples in Canada have sought a “relational” exchange with governments, not a simple real-estate-style transaction. Bruna Nota explores this history and what it means today. “COMMENT“

Populism and the Rise of the Alt-Right
Philosopher Mark Kingwell calls the alt-Right movement “white guy anger” and the “envy-indulgence of the birth-based lucky.” As Rose Dyson explains, there’s also a culture of online violence which propels young men towards hate and terrorism.

Child Refugee Migration: a Short-Lived Childhood
An estimated 70,000 children are born into statelessness every year. There will be millions more if countries fail to provide citizenship to young refugees from Syria, Myanmar, and other countries. Evnur Taran explores the challenges facing unaccompanied refugee minors.COMMENT

Five Questions for Jill Carr-Harris
Elisabeth Khan asks Jill Carr-Harris for more details about the year-long Jai Jagat march for nonviolence. The action starts on 2 October 2019, the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, and will end a year later in Geneva.

Growing Tensions on the Road to Persian Gulf Security
The September drone attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia are worrying, expecially with the US administration choosing to blame Iran. René Wadlow suggests some alternative solutions.

The Case of the White Poppy
In the lead-up to Remembrance Day, Trudy Govier presents an imagined discussion among friends and family members.

Talk About Saving the World
The last three pages of this issue contain valuable information about this magazine’s younger relative, Project Save the World. It starts with our most recent videos (which can also be listened to as podcasts) and wraps up with a guide to the project’s greatly expanded and user-friendly website:


Newsworthy: MacBride Prize to Kent, Whyte Gómez; Ban treaty progress; Nonviolence vs corruption in Puerto Rico

Reviews: Larry Diamond, Ill Winds: Saving Democracy From Russian Rage, Chinese Ambition, and American Complacency, reviewed by John Bacher.

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