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Even though it's summer, now's the time for all peace activists to get back to work. There's a new nuclear arms race, friends. M.V. Ramana and Douglas Roche offer their observations about India's and Pakistan's nuclear tests, which have served noticed to the Nuclear Weapon States (NWS) that their usual strategies will no longer restrain horizontal proliferation. Nevertheless, the NWSs will not change their course except under pressure - and it's up to us to organize that pressure. Fortunately, there is a new campaign, to be led by Douglas Roche, to bring in leaders of several "middle powers" to press the nuclear weapons states to bind themselves to disarm on a fixed schedule. See the article in this issue on the subject, as well as the story by Kate Dewes, who has learned much from her experience in the World Court Campaign, and is preparing now to work on the Middle Powers Initiative.

At a more grass-roots level the Physicians for Global Survival are renewing their consciousness-raising activities by promoting a "No Nukes" bumper sticker campaign. The children on our front cover were photographed decorating a car with such stickers. You can make your own, or buy ready-made versions from PGS. (We like Joy Phillips's idea: add some catchy slogans like the old Burma Shave signs. For example:DENTISTS SAY "NO NUKES"That's the drill; PHARMACISTS SAY "NO NUKES" Rx Peace; GARDENERS SAY "NO NUKES"Let's sleep in our beds.)

The regional conflicts present a mixed picture in this issue. On the one hand, there are terrible stories from Chiapas and Algeria, where no progress can be discerned, and prospective trouble in Dagestan and other parts of the Caucasus region. On the other hand, there has been significant progress in Northern Ireland and Indonesia. We celebrate when a dictator such as Suharto can be brought down almost nonviolently.

Notice again this time the skimpy coverage of Canadian peace events in the calendar. There are lots of events going on in Europe and the United States, so why are Canadian activists so shy about promoting their events? Tell us, please, so we can help you publicize your activities. Or perhaps you would prefer that we replace the calendar with a peace crossword puzzle. In any case, let us hear from you; this is your magazine, devoted to promoting your causes! Help us do the job.

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