Alan Newcombe

THE PEACE MOVEMENT especially the peace research movement-lost one of its most devoted workers in March with the death of Alan Newcombe. Having begun his career as a chemist, Newcombe soon shifted to peace research and worked in that field for the rest of his life. Initially he and his wife and partner, Hanna, joined the Canadian Peace Research Institute, but later they created the Peace Research Institute Dundas, near Hamilton, Ontario, which published two major journals, Peace Research Abstracts, and Peace Research Reviews. (See PEACE, Aug. 1986 for a profile.) Alan Newcombe may be best remembered for his work on the "tensiometer," which predicted the outbreak of war on the basis of arms build-ups. He was much loved and he will be missed.

Peace Magazine May-Jun 1991

Peace Magazine May-Jun 1991, page 4. Some rights reserved.

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