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By Metta Spencer | 1991-03-01 12:00:00

WAR BRINGS OUT THE WORST AND THE BEST in human nature. As we go to press, a million people are trying to kill each other in the Gulf area- a place where half the local people are under the age of fifteen. It is inspiring to encounter some of the wonderfully caring people who have given up their safe life styles to protect these innocent victims. As I write, the TV screen beside me shows a well-dressed, distinguished-looking man being hustled away from the church where he had interrupted George Bush's worship by shouting "Stop the massacre!" What a terrible and yet wonderful thing to do!

AFTER THE VIOLENCE at Oka, Quebec last summer, we decided to prepare a special issue of PEACE on native issues, which would also review the circumstances of last summer's conflict. Much of this magazine, therefore, is devoted to this topic. We are grateful to John Bacher, who served as guest co-editor of these articles. His introductory note can be found on page 16.

Peace Magazine Mar-Apr 1991

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