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By Metta Spencer | 1990-02-01 12:00:00

What an extraordinary period in history! Everyone is swinging between joy and anxiety: Eastern Europe's liberation. The invasion of Panama. The prospective shift to a multi-party system in the Soviet Union. The demand for independence in the Baltics. The riots in Baku. Peace activists have to reassess our situation-taking account of worrisome factors. Some of the pages ahead will remind us of the linkages among problems.

Who'd have thought communism would declare itself dead? Unfortunately, the apparent victor-capitalism-- has a few problems of its own. The rich countries may feel great right now, but the Third World countries do not, and the world economy is in danger of collapsing. Eastern European countries urgently need capital, which may come from reduced military expenditures-or from the pitifully inadequate assistance now going to the Third World. Although the "drug war" is hot news, rarely is the connection spelled out between the narco-war and Latin Americans' debt burdens. The fine articles by Morris Miller, Peter Andreas, and Coletta Youngers show the relations among these problems.

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Last time we fretted aloud about PEACE's financial situation and requested donations to cover our expected deficits. Thank you! We've received about $2000 so far, and the kindest letters of praise! Also, we thank the Disarmament Fund, Ministry of External Affairs, for a grant of $3000 to cover certain expenses for one issue. The campaign goes on!

Of Deadlines

Please note our next deadline, February 10. Articles have been coming in late. Your promptness will help us be prompt.

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