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JUST NOW, WITH A SINGLE keystroke, after delaying for several poignant minutes, I erased George Ignatieff's name from our masthead. George Ignatieff was our honorary patron from the very earliest days, when we began as The Peace Calendar. He was one of those rare human beings whose generous spirit and commitment to peace inspired everyone whose life he touched. It was a privilege to know him. We miss him now, and will always treasure his memory. Goodbye, good friend.

But the leaves are turning gold and red; our datebooks are filling up. Poignancy alternates with urgency, for the cycles keep turning -- changing leaves and lives, school terms, magazine issues, friends, jobs, opportunities....

Geoffrey Pearson is writing history now instead of administering a peace institute. Douglas Roche is a professor this fall, and Margaret Mason is a Disarmament Ambassador. Peggy has all our good wishes. She inherits (as we all do) what George Ignatieff last year called the most promising opportunities for peace that have existed since World War II. Good luck to her and to us all, for enormous tasks remain to be done. Onward!

We hope to publish two special, lengthy, issues this year, if we can raise the money -- one on Post-Secondary Peace Education, the other on Alternative Security. Guest editors for the Peace Education issue will be Graeme Mac Queen, Paul Dekar, and Joanna Santa Barbara, professors who teach peace studies at McMaster University. Professor David Bell, a social defence specialist at York, will edit the other issue. Production costs will be high: We will distribute free copies to carefully chosen influential persons and university courses, to advance public dialogue on these topics. For this, we need extra support. If you can donate $20 to $75, we can reach that goal. Thank you!

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1989

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