Hiding Vanunu

Your article, Nuclear Treason, (Aug/Sept 1987) was interesting. Since Mordechai Vanunu hasn't received much publicity it was the first time I heard about his case. I wrote the Prime Minister stating my concern about him, and I also wrote to Mordechai. Both answered. However, the Prime Minister's adviser, Z.H. Hurwitz, just acknowledged my letter and said that my remarks had been noted. Mordechai thanked me and asked me to get his story published so more people would know of his case. He asked me to contact human rights groups.

I don't belong to any peace group and I'm a new subscriber to your magazine, which I find full of great articles and information. I've tried finding out what was happening with his case through newspapers and other magazines, with no luck. Could you follow up the story? I'm a member of Amnesty International and I wrote them about Vanunu.

Roxanne Clement, St Jerome, Québec

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Free Trade for Militarism

The free trade agreement restricts the role of government in the economy. However, military spending and anything justified in terms of national security are exempted. Building weapons is no answer to Canadian unemployment or regional disparities, but this is one of the few areas of the economy where the free trade deal allows governments to subsidize and intervene as they wish.

The free trade deal gives the U.S. open access to Canadian energy resources. Even during shortages the U.S. is guaranteed "operational access." This policy turns our energy resources into strategic supplies for U.S. industry and military. With free trade Canada will toss its lot in with the declining U.S. economy. It will also mean acquiescing to U.S. foreign policy. Canadians should be given the opportunity to vote on the free trade agreement in a federal election.

Scott Sinclair, Against Free Trade Coalition

Critical Issues Debate

I have just noticed the article by John Pendergrast entitled, "Critical Issues in Toronto" in your June-July issue. Mr. Pendergrast gives an inaccurate account of our brief to the Toronto Board of Education on the subject of critical issues in the curriculum. He writes that we argued that Soviet expansionism, rather than the arms race, should be the focus of class discussion. This is untrue. Our brief says that a curriculum on Foreign and Defence Policy should be prepared consisting of articles by advocates of all major viewpoints. This would take the place of the Arms Race Curricula prepared by the Board's staff, which assume that the arms race is the central issue in East-West relations.

David Hunter, Director -- Canadian Coalition For Peace Through Strength

Vietnam and Contra Flicks

Canadian Vets, some sporting Purple Heart awards, newly surfaced as the forgotten heroes of the Vietnam war, are begging for help to pay their way to Washington for money to set up a network in Canada to recruit for the Contras! Approximately 30,000 Canadian mercenaries, not draftees, wallowed in mud and suffered grotesquely alongside the GI's. We are being deluged with the likes of Apocalypse Now, Rambo I, IL Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and now Hamburger Hill.

This recent Hollywood bash of movies must be recognized as the thin edge of the Pentagon's wedge, as it rewrites history. If there is no hidden agenda to the network planned by the Vietnam Veterans in Canada, let them openly declare themselves against the Contras, their counterpart in Nicaragua.

Claire Culhane Vancouver

Brundtland and Whaling

I was disturbed that the Dutch Airforce has decided to start low level flying out of Goose Bay last June. I came to Canada from the Netherlands to escape militarization, and I worry about the militarization of North America.

I read with interest the article about the Brundtland report. Ms. Brundtland may be the foremost advocate of environmental protection. However, she is also the Prime Minister of Norway, a country that has violated the International Whaling Commission moratorium on whaling and will kill over 300 whales of a stock the IWC has said should be fully protected. We humans should not wage war against our defenceless friends in the ocean.

Vithelmo Vanlenho

Peace Magazine Dec 1987-Jan 1988

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