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After publishing 36 years as a small Canadian publication, Peace Magazine is expanding—both geographically (by reaching beyond Canada) and in mandate (by addressing, not only peace issues, but also five other global threats to humanity). We have been working toward this expansion for three years and now can invite everyone to use the following new media that are now available worldwide: a digital version of Peace Magazine; a redesigned website for public sharing; and a Youtube channel.


Our 32-page magazine has always been available in two forms: a quarterly print publication, and the archive on our website, The former costs $20 in Canada, whereas the latter is of course free—though we only put half of each issue online immediately after publication (in a text-only format), making the remaining articles available on the archive only at the end of each year. Foreign subscribers have been few, since it is costly and slow to mail print magazines overseas.

We will keep the old website available as before. But now each entire issue also will be available immediately for subscription worldwide in a digital version that contains everything (including photos, letters, editorials, and color) that appears in the print edition—at the same $20 annual subscription price. The digital version is formatted either for reading on regular computers, tablets, or mobile phones, and instant translation is available into 30 languages.

Unlike the print version of Peace Magazine, to which you will still subscribe directly through us (see the back cover of this issue), the digital version will be available in public libraries and by subscription through PressReader. Here is how to subscribe, either for yourself or as gifts for your friends around the world.

On a browser, go to and type Peace into the “search publications” space.


Besides preventing wars, we must save the world from five other threats: global warming; famine; pandemics; radioactive contamination; and cyber risks.

We started Project Save the World for people working against all six threats. Its website is a free-of-charge meeting place to exchange information and discuss ideas. You can access videos, podcasts, post or read articles, debate issues, and post or read notices of worldwide events.

We produce an intelligent one-hour-long conversation every weekday on YouTube about a serious global issue. On pages 28-30 you can see the descriptions of the 61 shows that have been produced since the April 2021 issue of Peace Magazine was released. When you watch an especially interesting one, please tell your friends to watch. You can also watch them on our YouTube channel, Twitter, or our Facebook page.

You can discuss or endorse the “Platform for Survival,” a list of 25 proposals that, when implemented, can greatly reduce the risk of all six global threats and improve the societal contexts for achieving them.

Please visit the redesigned site:


Now watch a free, global English language “TV channel” about six global threats!

Every weekday we produce a new, live talk show about a serious global issue. Hundreds of previously recorded “Zoom” shows are available for you to choose to watch, and at least one is being “rebroadcast” 24/7. Watch them on our Youtube channel or the website or listen to podcasts.

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