Vanity vehicles

Even with the unending gasoline carbon-tax bellyaching, I still see daily the usual large number of parked vehicles idling for multiple minutes.

These exhaust-spewing vanity vehicles have supersized bodies and wheels that aren’t likely used for work or family transport. These tall monsters block the view of small-car drivers, and they probably get 25 gallons a mile.

Inside, their drivers are staring into their laps, probably their smartphones. Are they posting carbon-tax complaints onto social media platforms?

Frank Sterle Jr
White Rock, BC

No Thanks!

Although I do not expect you will publish this email, I would ask that you do so.

I will not be renewing my subscription to Peace Magazine, the April to June 2019 issue being a case in point as to why.

As with previous issues, I see very little emphasis on the very real global menace to peace lurking beneath our borders, i.e. the USA. This applies whether or not President Trump is in charge of the process.

This has been aptly described by many writers and analysts from Noam Chomsky and Max Blum­enthal to William Blum and all points in between.

I also see very little or no emphasis on Canada’s role in fomenting a coup d’etat in Venezuela by installing a phony interim President, Juan Guaido. And falling directly into America’s imperial plans for the region through the creation of the Lima group.

Why is that so? Maybe I missed it in an earlier edition, but it appears the issue is basically ignored.

Several Canadian writers, including Aaron Mate and Eva Barlett, have carefully analyzed the subject of blatant US interference in Venezuela.

Again, why is such an important subject, in which Canada is taking a direct role promoting conflict and imperialism, ignored?

The 75th anniversary of NATO is this year and it is being “celebrated” during the time frame of the current edition. Accord­ingly one would expect to see articles lambasting this murderous and expansionist institution, which is currently pushing its reach into eastern Europe, the Ukraine, even South America! I see little or nothing on this issue whatsoever. Decrying an outdated, costly, and aggressive military institution should be front and centre this spring 2019. But there is nary a mention!

Why is that so, given the huge importance of these issues and the direct involvement of our own country in promoting world-wide conflict? Yes promoting. And by arming and equipping horrible nations such as Saudi Arabia?

One can only conclude that Peace Magazine sees no reason to challenge these wretched policies or institutions.

No thanks, I won’t be renewing!

Michael Jaeger
Vancouver, BC

Making the Links

Thank you for this wonderful platform. I fully support efforts like this to make the links between the key threats to humanity and the planet, and to build cooperation in the various campaigns.

Abolition 2000 recently launched a related effort to bring these key issues together in a Global Week for Peace, Climate, Sus­tain­able Development Goals (SDGs) and Nuclear Abolition – connecting the Interna­tional Day for Peace (Sep 21) with a Climate Summit (Sep 23), SDG Summit (Sep 24-25) and Inter­national Day for the Total Elimin­ation of Nuclear Weapons.

Also, Move the Nuclear Weapons Money makes the links by campaigning for cuts in nuclear weap­ons budgets, an end to in­­vestments in nuclear weap­ons corporations and re-allocation of these budgets and investments in sustainable development. The campaign will hold a huge public event in October to physically “count out $1 trillion” (the nuclear weap­ons budget for the next ten years) and symbolically reallocate this money to better things.

Regarding your Zoom calls: These are a good idea. But 8-9 pm Eastern time is too late for those of us in Europe to join (it’s 2 am here). Could you consider changing the hour?

Alyn Ware
Basel, Switzerland

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