We're Ready at Last!

By Metta Spencer | 2019-07-01 12:00:00

You may think that Project Save the World has run its course. A year has passed since our forum “How to Save the World in a Hurry,” and nothing remarkable has followed. So move on?

Nah. We’ve just been getting ready. We won’t create a new NGO. You probably belong to some wonderful ones that are doing all the right things, though they may not realize how closely their goals link together. The six big global risks-war and weapons (militarism); global warming; famine; pandemics; massive radiation exposure; and cyberattacks-are all causally linked as a system. You can’t solve any one of them without addressing at least one of the others. And whatever you do to solve one also contributes to solving the whole system. We are one single project, saving the world together from six huge threats.

What Project Save the World can do best is help activists and groups keep in touch about their interacting projects and share crucial information. A single excellent website can help a lot of activists and NGOs that are now working in separate “silos.” So we’ve created exactly that.

If all the activists and NGOs who (more or less) share the same agenda can adopt one coherent list, we can promote it more powerfully. So, using participatory democracy, the forum selected a list of 25 proposals that, if enacted, will greatly reduce the risk of all six threats. This is our “Platform for Survival.” There are lots of other excellent lists (e.g. the LEAP Manifesto, the New Green Deal, etc.) but this one may be the most visionary, and it is global in scope. It’s intentionally pithy, so each item needs an explanatory article. All year, our team has been producing such articles. Now the site is ready.

Your work can benefit from endorsing the platform, joining Project Save the World, and asking your groups to do the same. Use Peace Magazine as your own tool and subscribe either to the video series or the podcasts. Then post notices about your own projects and events as comments, as well as your opinions about the comments of others. We’re here to serve YOUR wonderful work. This issue of the magazine is devoted mainly to explaining and offering our plan.

Now let’s hurry! We have a world to save!

Peace Magazine Jul-Sep 2019

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