July-September 2018: Vol.34, No.3

Are Canadians Banking on the Bomb?
One of the easiest ways to take action against nuclear weapons is to make sure that your money is not invested in producing them, writes *Erin Hunt”. A peace group in the Netherlands, PAX, has provided lists of banks that finance organizations that do make components, and assigning them to a “Hall of Shame.” You will find Canadian banks on the list. If that’s where you keep your money, go complain. They won’t ignore you.

Down from the Mountain
Metta Spencer intended only to hold a forum that would produce a “Platform for Survival” to link together the campaigns that aim to prevent six global threats. Then she would retire. But now the work on “Project Save the World” may be just beginning.

Talk about Saving the World
Peace Magazine is now producing a weekly video show! You can either watch one of our shows live on Facebook, or catch up afterwards on YouTube.

Trump’s Space Force Will Incite an Arms Race in Space
It is difficult to figure out why the US military’s success at defeating ISIS on the ground means that the US should dominate space, as Erika Simpson observes.

Can Democracy Survive in a Digital Age?
Too often, technological innovations are celebrated without an adequate look at their social and environmental impacts, notes Rose Dyson.

Unanticipated Radioactive Repercussions
No municipal water treatment plant can remove tritium—hydrogen’s highly radioactive isotope, and one of the many contaminants at Fukushima—from drinking water, because you cannot filter water from water, as Gordon Edwards explains.

Conflict and Peacemaking in the Central African Republic
Even in the most desperate of places, one can refuse to be a passive bystander. Maggie Ziegler shares the stories of rescuers and peacemakers over the years of state and paramilitary violence in the Central African Republic.

International Decade of Water for Sustainable Development
It’s only three years since the end of the last UN Decade on Water, but some major problems have not gone away. Desertification—and the intersection between habitat loss, depletion of natural resources, food insecurity, and war—should be a central focus, writes René Wadlow.

Newsworthy: Yemen under siege; Beyond the Iran deal

Review: International Peace Bureau, Move the Nuclear Weapons Treaty: a handbook for civil society and legislators, reviewed by David Harries.

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