Canada’s UN vote

I oppose our present government’s policies regarding their recent indication that Canada must endorse the use of nuclear weapons..

At a recent United Nations [UN] meeting, a courageous resolution (A/C. 1/71/L.41) was proposed to ban the global production and sale of nuclear weapons.

Our present government voted against that resolution. This is incomprehensible. At least they could have abstained from voting. This should be no surprise, as the five nations who are permanent members of the UN Security Council are equipped with the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons.

In 2009, Barack Obama, speaking in Prague, stated his objective for a nuclear free world. Now he is advocating a trillion dollar expense program in coming years to “modernize” nuclear weapons! The UK has announced a 60 billion dollar investment in upgrading their nuclear resources. Germany has been praised by NATO countries after reporting plans to invest $150 billion on a military program.

The recent endeavor to expand and modernize nuclear weapons must be the dream of a few political leaders whose mentality is warped by ideological differences and power struggles. The astronomical cost of these programs could be far better spent on social projects that are designed to educate people and to assist those who are oppressed or poor.

The only people who would benefit from the production and sale of nuclear weapons are those interests that manufacture them.

There are more than 7000 Mayors for Peace in our world. There are also over 900 Canadians who have received the Order of Canada who also want a UN convention to oppose the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

Canadians need to contact their Members of Parliament, asking them to oppose any increase in nuclear or any other weapons. Proliferation of weapons will not contribute to peace.

Leo Kurtenbach, Saskatoon

A Silver Lining?

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I am somewhat more optimistic about the prospects for peace and not war than I would be if Hillary had won the election. I am surprised that there is no mention about NATO, about proposed discussions with Russia to lower tensions, about the Syrian conflict and the potential for it to blow up into a war that could escalate into World War III. Shouldn’t we at least give Trump credit for agreeing to talk to Putin to seek some sort of detente?

I worry about NATO exercises along the border with Russia and how one small error could erupt into the worst of consequences. Of course I am worried about those in positions of power that Trump has selected, but maybe, just maybe, he will make good on his promise to reduce US financial support to NATO and to talk to people who are considered adversaries for reasons which appear to be for appeasing the military-industrial complex. I have yet to hear an interview with Bashar Assad to get his perspective on the war that is destroying his country. Clearly, the main stream media are to blame for this. In that regard, I agree with Trump: “the system is rigged.”

Robert Korol

Hamilton, ON

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