By Lyn Adamson | 2016-01-01 11:00:00

Starting with a 12-day fast on Parliament Hill in 2012, Climate Fast has worked to gain MP pledges to:

In three years, 130 MPs and 12 senators have signed the pledge—almost all the NDP caucus, two-thirds of Liberals, and two Greens. However, we are in a new parliament.

Fifty of the MPs who signed the pledge have been re-elected: 22 Liberals; 27 NDP members, and 1 Green: Elizabeth May. The final list will be posted on our web site,, along with a call to start writing to these MPs about the urgency of acting.

Many, including our new minister, Catherine McKenna, hold that we must stay under a 1.5°C temperature rise to avoid massive methane releases which would swamp any efforts to reduce carbon.

ClimateFast encourages Canadians to organize locally and meet your MPs to bring your concerns to them. Please let us know if you can become involved. Or sign up for our e-newsletter: Many ClimateFast members also fast on the first of the month in coordination with Fast for the Climate, an international initiative to bring pressure for meaningful climate action and a binding international treaty to keep temperature rise under 2°C.

We also work with our sister organization, Citizens Climate Lobby ( to go to Ottawa twice a year to lobby for carbon pricing. Please get involved!

Lyn Adamson is a Toronto activist and a founding member of ClimateFast.

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