Thoughts after attending the War Museum in Ottawa, Sept. 2, 2010

The War Museum is spectacular with artifacts from all of Canada’s wars. But I have to differ when it claims people have always had wars. The Marshall Islanders didn’t even have a word for “enemy.”

Next year there will be a peace section in the Museum thanks to Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

Shirley Farlinger, Toronto

G20: Sticking the Public With the Bankers’ Bill

The present global situation is quite bizarre. When I was a young man, about 70 years ago, we had institutions that were known as “jails.” This is where we kept the law-breakers, behind closed doors, in buildings surrounded by a high wire fence. Today, we have progressed to a state where our global leaders, our law-makers, meet behind closed doors surrounded by a high wire fence.

To ensure that global leaders could do their planning without interruption, our government had charged the Toronto police force with that responsibility. It was also arranged that a substantial number of police personnel from Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal, [the latter complete with horses] would assist in keeping the unruly hordes on the outside of the fence from tearing it down.

Due to the wonders of computers and the internet, the majority of people in the industrialized nations are much better informed today than they generally were during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. People everywhere were concerned. They had a reason to be anxious. Global leaders decided to cut government deficits, which were contributing to a drastic increase in the national debt of many nations. In short, the G20 would stick the public with the bill for the banker’s crisis!

Leo Kurtenbach, Cudworth, Saskatchewan

Peace Magazine Oct-Dec 2010

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