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The most amazing story of this issue is one that happened in 1983, but you've probably never heard of it before. It involves a Soviet lieutenant colonel whose job was to monitor the satellite reports about potential U.S. nuclear missile launches. When the alarm went off, he couldn't believe his eyes or ears. And it's a darn good thing, too - because he saved the world. Period. I mean, he really saved the world from nuclear annihilation. And he almost got into trouble for it because he was violating specific orders, just on the basis of a gut hunch that the Americans were not really attacking his country, despite all evidence to the contrary. You and I owe a personal debt to this man, and I , for one, want to do something to show my gratitude. If you do too, get in touch with me.

In a much more current conflict, we have a substantial piece that deals with the U.S. government's latest plan to handle the drug war in Colombia. Liisa North and Sheila Gruner explain why they doubt it will work.

And I'll bet you don't know much about West Papua. We didn't either - until David Webster began to enlighten us. He thinks it may become the next "East Timor" for, like the Timorese, its people live in an Indonesia they never chose to join. One of the biggest problems of our day is how to handle such cases. The Timorese had a stronger case for independence in terms of international law.

Jeff Halper traveled around Canada in February and March, informing people about the political situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories - especially the demolition of Palestinian homes. In this issue he answers questions about the unresolved and increasingly ominous problems in his homeland.

And you may be interested in Gregg Blakeley's account of the spiritual influences on Martin Luther King.

Peace Magazine has moved its business office and now shares space with the Canadian Peace Alliance in the St. Paul's Trinity Church on Bloor Street west of Spadina in Toronto. Phone before dropping in.

Finally, note the obituary of our friend, Bill Epstein, page 30.

Peace Magazine Apr-Jun 2001

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