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As announced in the May/June issue, Peace Magazine is going through some important changes. We received heartwarming messages of support and concern from several readers, as well as good ideas for fund-raising, and we want to reassure you that we're proceeding ahead with optimism. We have lots of new ideas and plans.

First, it is important to increase our readership. We are grateful for support over the next three issues from the John Holmes Fund for a campaign that should help boost our circulation. Unfortunately, we had not been able to afford much outreach for several years. And you, dear reader, can also help this circulation campaign!

Unlike other publications, Peace Magazine is not produced with any intention of making money, but as our contribution to the cause of world peace. Our staff members, writers, and artists are volunteers, and many of our subscribers donate extra money every year to help us reach the educated, concerned public and our politicians. We send a copy of each issue to every member of parliament, senator, and Ontario MPP. We like to place the magazine in public places where it will reach many readers. You can help by making sure it is available in your local public library, as well as several waiting rooms in hospitals, physicians' offices, and barber shops. We love our paid-up subscribers - and we also love ordinary citizens who need our magazine to become well informed and live in a culture of peace.

Over the next few issues our theme will be "Human Security and Soft Power" and we shall examine some of the implications of this model of international relations. It is, as everyone will recognize, the topic that we have in fact dealt with throughout our past, without using that term. Check the table of contents for this issue's articles on the subject.

The office at 736 Bathurst is closed but you can send mail to Box 248, Station P, Toronto M5S 2S7. Our old phone number is accessible to voice mail: 416/533-7581. Faxes should come to 415/789-4508 and email to Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Peace Magazine Summer 1999

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