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Look at all the peace activity going on these days:

In this issue you must not miss the fascinating story by Naila Daniel about the Palestinian women's participation in the intifada, as well as our interview of R. Rajmohan concerning the Sri Lankan Tamils, who have been fighting a tragic civil war for decades. Rajmohan and his courageous friends keep suggesting that they try peace instead.

And there are all those busy intellectuals and scientists! Science for Peace has been organizing a remarkable number of conferences and public events lately. You'll recall that we covered their "Lessons of Yugoslavia" conference in the previous issue. This time we cover their "Evolution of World Order Conference," especially noting the pieces by Morris Miller on new opportunities to help remote rural villages catch up with modern life, and the review of Alex Michalos's book, Good Taxes, which Science for Peace published. And in August, Science for Peace and Peace Magazine will co-sponsor an event that all peaceniks will want to attend: a panel discussion, "Toward a New Agenda for the Peace Movement." Speakers: Dietrich Fischer, Gene Sharp, and Anatol Rapoport! Check out the ad on the calendar page and please come out! It's at 4:30 pm on August 11 at Toronto City Hall. There is no charge for admission, but we hope it will inspire you to join Science for Peace and subscribe to Peace Magazine.

Have you checked out our snazzy web site yet? It's getting better and better, thanks to Ken Simons. Visit us at:

One new feature is our forum-a place for discussing peace issues and speaking your mind. Letters in the magazine are limited to 300 words, so we have to be selective and edit them tightly. The forum gives a bit more room for extensive and immediate debate. Comments there may also be edited to maintain Peace Magazine's standards of style and accuracy. Feel free to open a new topic when the spirit moves you. We also have hotlinks to a growing list of global peace, justice, and environment organizations. If your organization is not linked to our page but should be, let us know. And you can read some stories on line. We'll gradually put on some classics from the early eighties. They used to say that as soon as a new issue comes out, the previous issue of a magazine is good only for wrapping fish. Not ours! Some of our pieces are as good ten years later as the day they were published. Now we can keep them alive.

Peace Magazine Jul-Aug 1997

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