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Contact Group For Nonviolence In The Former USSR

Founded on Sept. 13, 1995, the Contact Group seeks to establish continuing relationships between Canadian peace and human rights non-governmental organizations and churches and similar bodies in the former USSR. Through these relationships, it will support nonviolent, citizen interventions for peace and human rights. To accomplish this purpose it will work to enhance the capacities of such groups both here and in the former USSR.

- Phyllis Creighton

Conference On Quality Of Life

In August 1996 the University of Northern British Columbia (Prince George B.C.) will host a World Conference on Quality of Life. People will come from all parts of the world to explore collectively the meaning of a good quality of life, ways to measure our movement toward or away from it, ways to monitor changes, and strategies to improve the quality of life in all its rich varieties. There will be sessions on such things as resource conservation, environmental degradation, waste management, forestry management, urban/rural/community development, aging, elder abuse, crime and the justice system, family life, friendship, feminist studies, employment, trade and globalization, health, happiness, time use, good government, human rights, peace and security, taxation, fiscal and monetary policy, poverty, education, science and technological innovation, sports and other recreation activities.

The organizers of the conference are open to suggestions and are inviting volunteers to arrange for special topics, symposia, and workshops. They need contributed papers. Names of people interested in chairing a session, commentator on a paper, or panelist are also welcome. People on e-mail are invited to become actively involved with the international network serving as the planning committee. To facilitate planning, proposals should be submitted before Feb. 1, 1996. Inquiries should be directed to Alex C. Michalos, Faculty of Management and Administration, University of Northern British Columbia, 3333 University Way, Prince George, B.C., Canada V2N 4Z9; telephone (604)960-6697; FAX(604) 960-5544; e-mail

World Court Project Video

A half-hour video on the World Court Project and the implications of its ruling on nuclear weapons is available on loan from World Court Project, c/o Physicians for Global Survival Canada, 1 70A Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7W1. Phone: 613/233-1982. Fax: 613/233-9028. Email: It features international lawyer Richard Falk, Eugene Carroll and Maj-Britt Theorin.

Film On Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent and baffling diseases of our time. Why has so little progress been made? What is the connection between this cancer and the contamination of our environment? Is research lacking because it s a women's disease? A film now in production deals with women's health and the environment (with a focus on breast cancer) and will be used for education and advocacy. Shooting has begun; and we have raised nearly $100,000 and need your help. Over $25,000 has been raised from ordinary people who have been directly and indirectly affected by this disease and wish to see it stopped. Donors receive a charitable receipt. Make cheques out to WEED © The Film and sent to Martha Butterfield, 55 Chestnut Park Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1W7. Or contact Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg at 416-960-4944

IPB Boycott Pledge

The International Peace Bureau is asking people to send the following letter to the Government of France.

In May 1995, when the Non-Proliferation Treaty was made permanent, the five nuclear weapons states committed themselves to make "systematic and determined" efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons, and to conclude a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty by 1996. The French resumption of nuclear testing threatens us all by increasing the risk of the spread and development of new nuclear weapons, and they menace the health and environment of the Pacific region. I/we demand that President Chirac cancel all future tests. In order to exert political pressure on France to comply with her international obligations, I/we will not buy French products or services.

Peace Magazine Nov-Dec 1995

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