"Peace" is such a misleadling word. It implies placidity; calm- even boredom -while the pursuit of peace is actually dangerous, unpredictable, disturbing, hard on human relationships, and also a source of joy, adventure, and love. The past week has brought up all these factors. Canadians who take pride in our civility; have undergone a national ordeal. Quebec's referendum has left peace more in question than before, and has damaged some old friendships in the process. It has made racism visible and has impaired the effectiveness of politicians. Peacemakers have much to do! To our Quebec friends who long for their "own country" we promise to try to overcome the painful divisions between us. Peace requires that we not give up, and we at Peace Magazine promise to listen and to publish your views if you send them.

We sympathize with all the Sri Lankan people this week, as a final great battle approaches between the government and the Tigers. May Canadians never experience such hatred!

We rejoice with our Pugwash friends who have been recognized by the award of the Nobel Peace Prize -- especially Joseph Rotblat, the only scientist to quit working on the Manhattan Project when he found out how the nuclear bomb would probably be used. Since then, Rotblat has spent his whole time working for peace.

We send love to the peacemakers of Israel and Russia. The assassination of Prime Minister Rabin ,must not block the peace process. The illness of Boris Yeltsin poses even more new instability for Russians. See the comments of Russian Quaker, Tatiana Pavlova, who values the partnership of Canadians working for human rights..

Seven pages of this issue are devoted to the accounts of Canadian travellers who participated in the non-governmental forum in Beijing. We hope to have a report next time concerning the official governmental meeting.

We have reports on a variety of ongoing issues and debates. See the piece about George Gerbner's lecture on media violence. See Carol Bright's story about the origins of the International Red Cross. See Newsworthy about the failure (so far) to ban landmines. But before the next sessions in the winter, let's lean on our government. And let's all keep going!

Peace Magazine Nov-Dec 1995

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