Lethal Weapons

We are lucky to have a government that limits access to ways of expressing our destructiveness. I'm thankful our forefathers (and mothers) had the insight to legislate gun control in this nation. We need only cast a wary eye around the global neighborhood to see what happens where such limits don't exist.

There must be a thousand better ways to use the federal budget than to finance the purchase of more military equipment, inheriting all the quasi-military philosophies that seem to be fixated on such expenditures. War is a lie! Be honest, love life.

Patrick Porter, Toronto

Bridging The Gap

I thank you sincerely for the complimentary copies of your magazine.

Although some hold the belief that members of military forces are, by virtue of that fact, "war mongers," as I am sure you are aware, particularly in this technological age, the last thing a soldier would want is war.

Your publication will go a long way toward bridging the gap, perceived and otherwise, between "peace activists" and "soldiers." I wish you every success. May God bless you and yours.

R.R. MacArthur, Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer, 721 Communications Reg.

Force of the Universe

As a number one priority, why does not Science for Peace start changing physics at the University of Toronto? Alternative energy sources such as wind and solar could be a concentration and the roof transformed to solar panels and windmills. I would paint the upper two floors of the Physics Department green to show its fundamental change in direction and to attract new students, anti-nuke ones.

C.C. Muckhos, Ojibway Clan Mother
William Bunge, a member of Science for Peace, Athabaska Victoriaville, Quebec

Informing Debate

We want to commend your for your excellent magazine and all your dedicated work to educate the people, as our newspaper and TV/radio give us so little honest, unbiased information with which we can make informed debate.

Joy Beach, Seniors for Peace, Saskatoon Branch
This letter came with a generous donation to the Politician's Fund.

Protect Human Rights

Please ask Peace Magazine readers to write to our prime minister and to the foreign ministry to intervene on behalf of the people in Chiapas, Mexico, who are being killed or have disappeared.

Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, Toronto

Peace Magazine Mar-Apr 1994

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