Collateral damage

Leonard Farlinger (filmmaker)

Collateral Damage, a short film by Leonard Farlinger, is disturbing and arresting. Like Peacekeeper at War (reviewed below) it deals with the questions of how we perceive reality as portrayed on the TV screen. How much do we understand? How much are we not told? How do we make sense of what we think is going on?

According to North American news reports, the Persian Gulf War was the "cleanest" military operation of all time. In Collateral Damage Glen, a worker in a coffee shop, is startled when a TV anchorman interrupts his own broadcast about the war to question the validity of what he is reporting. Glen is trying to cope with an incipient menaceto the customers in the coffee shop. The anchorman and Glen try to make sense of each other's violent worlds before they collide in this comic, moving, and controversial drama. Every member of the Canadian cast, including Gary Farmer and David Nichols in the lead roles of Glen and the anchorman, were interested in the content of the film and wanted to be part of it. The film was written and directed by Leonard Farlinger and produced by Pamela Davenport. Call New Real Films, Toronto (416) 536-1696.

Peace Magazine Jan-Feb 1994

Peace Magazine Jan-Feb 1994, page 30. Some rights reserved.

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