In memoriam: Clarke MacDonald 1920-1993


By Brian Burch | 1994-01-01 12:00:00

It was a surprise, but not a shock, to hear of the death of Rt. Rev. Clarke MacDonald after his long illness. At Hart House, the University of Toronto centre for which he served as chaplain and shared and office with the Student Christian movement, his lengthy hospitalization was a subject of concern for most of this academic year.

I first met Rev. MacDonald during the efforts to convert Litton Industries from military to peaceful production. From sitting on cold driveways during winter protests to gaining support from church leaders for the Cruise Missile Conversion Project, he played an importantrole as a model of a committed church leader participating directly in grassroots struggles.

Rev. Clarke MacDonald was a veteran of World War II and, although not a strict pacifist, his experiences during that war led him to question the way that military force is used to solve conflict and the way that resources are funneled from social needs for military purposes.

He has served as moderator of the United Church of Canada and on the Board of Directors of Project Plough-shares. In recent times he was involved in initiating multifaith initiatives at the University of Toronto, served on the advisory committee of the U. of T. Student Christian Movement and was supportive of various efforts within the Christian faith to adapt to a multicultural society. He has served as a patron of Peace Magazine since its inception. His presence will be missed.


Peace Magazine Jan-Feb 1994

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