In this issue, we have to bid farewell to two of our dear honorary patrons, Grace Hartman and Clarke MacDonald who both contributed greatly to peace and to the quality of their society. We will miss them both and we are grateful for having known them We welcome two new honorary patrons, Lois Wilson and Dan Heap.

The new agenda for the 90s peace movement is wide open This first-of-94 edition of Peace Magazine reflects our broader base with articles on International Monetary Fund policies, financing the United Nations, and resisting NAFTA. Economics is no longer the professional domain of economists. We, in civil society, are able to connect the dollar deprivation of our international and national institutions, global policies, mass poverty, Injustice, and environmental degradation. Peace people have never had a narrow view.

To make civil society work we need all the conflict resolution skills we have. It was great to learn at the European Peace University in Schlaining, , Austria, this fall that many governments in Europe are discovering alternate forms of defence. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, and Spain, to name four. are looking at civilian-based defence, conversion and are starting to train people in conflict resolution. If these had been in place before the former Yugoslavia crumbled, the story might have been different.

As usual, this issue covers some interesting countries, hot spot Haiti, not yet peaceful Israel and tranquil Switzerland. You will also find some good resources in the new films to attract people to conferences.

The new government also needs to hear from us. Take your MP out for lunch and treat her/him to a copy of Peace Magazine and ask about the promised public input into liberal policies in foreign affairs. Or write the Hon. Jean Chrètien to acquaint him with your peace group and its ideas for 1994.

This time we have the good luck to print more than our usual share of the writings of Dietrich Fischer. You will find evidence of his creative thinking in three articles by him, plus Janet Creery's piece, and Anatol Rapoport's review of his book .Way to go, Dietrich!

By Shirley Farlinger

A Message from Jean Smith, Office Manager of Peace Magazine

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We use the mailing lists of other organizations to promote our magazine. Because most of these organizations appeal to the same type of people there are usually a fair number of duplications. We do our best to eliminate these but because we do nothave up-to-date equipment or enough volunteers, we do miss some.

Please be patient, as the more new subscribers we get, the longer we can keep going and that will be helpful to everyone in the long run.

Peace Magazine Jan-Feb 1994

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