Majority oppose helicopters

Gallup poll

Almost 69% of Canadians oppose the Government's plan to spend $4.4 billion on 50 military helicopters, a new Gallup poll shows.

Fewer than one in four Canadians is in favor of the plan. A majority in every region of the country oppose the EH-101 helicopter. Even areas which stand to gain the most money from it-- Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic Canada-show a majority against it. In Quebec, opposition stands at 77%.

These results confirm that the military helicopters are immensely unpopular everywhere in Canada," says Jo Dufay of the Canadian Peace Alliance's Military Spending Cuts Committee.

In British Columbia, home of Defence Minister Kim Campbell, 79% of respondents opposed the purchase. Only 16.7% were in favor.

Gallup's B.C. results mean Kim Campbell will have yet another problem in her own riding," Dufay adds.

The Peace Alliance will be making the helicopter purchase a major issue in the upcoming federal election. The New Democrats and Mel Hurtig's National Party have pledged to scrap the deal. The front-running Liberals would delay it.

In coming weeks the Peace Alliance will be urging elected officials at all levels to condemn the project. On March 8 members of the Alliance will converge on Parliament Hill for a national lobby. Among those participating are labor leaders and Peace Alliance member Jean-Claude Parrot.

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