By Janet Creery | 1992-07-01 12:00:00

Peace Magazine is proud to present our new design, created by Ilona Staples. It was financed by a generous grant from the Ontario Publishing Centre, which has stepped in where many federal departments bailed out. We hope the new design will enhance our articles and convey the warmth and liveliness of peace work.

The new look comes at a time when political shifts are changing activist work. Single-issue groups are edging towards one another. This is particularly true in peace work, where the sudden dissolution of the East-West bloc system opened up the sphere of activism. Peace groups now have more time to examine deep-rooted causes of war. Peace Magazine hopes to facilitate this process by providing an increasingly inter-disciplinary forum for ideas and actions among peace activists.

This issue's theme of women and peace rakes a step in that direction. The 52% Solution and The Partnership Way set peace issues at the core of women's issues. The lives and philosophies of Mairead Maguire and Patti Willis extend peace work beyond incremental demands to issues of life process and social structure. Len Desroches' piece argues that non-violence training can help overcome the tensions of racism and poverty. And again as in the last issue, Science for Peace writers examine the links between environmental devastation and militarism.

Please let us know your thoughts about our magazine and the direction of your peace work. We very much appreciate your letters of response to our articles-even sharp ones, of which you'll see many in this issue. Please feel free to contact the magazine office to talk over your story ideas or to give us suggestions. We are located in Fortress Toronto, but are trying increasingly to reach beyond that, as evidenced by the transformation of our Notes into a more comprehensive Regional News still not entirely comprehensive, as Maritimers will notice, but working on it.

Thanks to those who responded to our January appeal, we have printed some of your letters in this issue.

Peace Magazine Jul-Aug 1992

Peace Magazine Jul-Aug 1992, page 4. Some rights reserved.

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