Review of the State of the World

Some places (Cambodia. and Central America, for example) people are approaching peace wearily and warily. In other places (for example) brutality still reigns. In dozens of other places (especially in the Soviet Union and Croatia) those old twins, nationalism and fascism, are bloodying their claws again.- Throughout the South, the poverty of children increases because of debts that are unforgiven In East-Central Europe (including Czechoslovakia) citizens are "democratically" trashing the rule of law and embracing the right wing. In Moscow new poverty and disorganization crowd out the glorious memory of vanquishing violence in the coup only five months ago.

But we are still Inspired by people who cope courageously with the uncertainty of their lives. From our safe, stable corner of the world we wonder how to help.

In the following pages, our volunteer watchers share their impressions of the state of the world; some of them express the outrage to which they are entitled. Because of space limitations, we have not tried to balance all opinions this time. However, we welcome your letters.

Peace Magazine Jan-Feb 1992

Peace Magazine Jan-Feb 1992, page 9. Some rights reserved.

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