By Deborah Ferens, Saul Chernos | 1991-09-01 12:00:00


Participating countries at this year's show included known human rights violators-China, Indonesia, Iran, Argentina, and Brazil. Protesters leafletted the gates of the Airshow in opposition to the growing militarization of this annual event.

The trial of three activists arrested for carrying a small protest banner at a rally for Brian Mulroney in 1988 took place in Nanaimo from Jan. 7 to 11, and the judgment, released on Jan 21, went against them. The implications are that the police have the right to arrest and jail anyone first, then look for evidence to justify the arrest. Because this is an unacceptable and dangerous precedent the case will be taken to the BC Court of Appeal. For the RCMP to stop enforcing the law in order to actively participate in stacking a political meeting is incredibly damaging to the democratic process in Canada.

Losing the trial was a shock. We expected to win, since our case was strong; our lawyer, Don Crane, and our seven witnesses were excellent; and the law against false arrest and imprisonment was, we thought, clear.

We filed a Notice of Appeal on February 14. It will be heard in Vancouver by a panel of three judges of the B.C. Court of Appeal early next year. No new evidence will be allowed; rather, we will need to prove that Judge Cowan erred in his judgment based on the evidence that was presented during the trial.


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Peace Magazine Sep-Oct 1991

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