By Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg | 1991-09-01 12:00:00

Help Pass Bill C-204 For Nuclear Phaseout

By Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg

Did you know last year a billion dollars of your taxes went to bail out the nuclear industry for the next seven years?

This Private Members' Bill is exciting, important and needs your immediate support. If passed, Bill C-204 will prohibit for 50 years the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) from issuing new licences. This will lead to a gradual phasing out of the industry.

The house of Commons will vote on this bill during the next session of Parliament. Because it is a private members bill, M.P.s do not have to follow their party's line. And even if your M.P. is not now convinced of the merits of energy efficiency and a safe, least cost and renewable energy strategy, all she or he will be voting for at this stage is the right to hold committee hearings. Only by this means will independent witnesses with knowledge in all aspects of these issues be able to testify for the public record. This is the opportunity often proposed by the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR) and other environmental groups over the last 15 years.

International News

Ooops! Sorry Excuse Me

Former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard formally apologized for France's violation of New Zealand's sovereignty and the act of war against Greenpeace's ship Rainbow Warrior. A week later, in May, France resumed nuclear testing in the South Pacific with three blasts which New Zealand protested.

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