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By Metta Spencer | 1991-09-01 12:00:00

As guest editor of this issue I am grateful to the volunteer writers, editorial advisors, artists, and others, who have helped with the preparation of this issue. It's been fun.

We look at the sticky problem of sovereignty at the global level, at the United Nations, in Canada and, with humour, in one man's housing complex. We discuss hot spots such as Burma/Myanmar and the quandary that is Kurdistan. And we try to keep you informed about coming events.

Our whole issue could be crammed with reports of peace conferences; instead we have included a cross-section of them-meetings of physicians and veterans as well as special women's events. May these inspire more!

There's good news here too. That odious arms bazaar, ARMX, is halted, the practice bombing of the sacred island off Hawaii is over, at least one of the Clark and Subic military bases in the Philippines is closing, as are bases in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, the START talks are starting to stop long-range missiles, and U.S. test flights over Nitassinan may end although other countries continue. Please share your good and bad news with us, we love to get your letters.

More than ever the involved citizen needs information and inspiration from the so-called alternate press. As well as reading and sharing Peace Magazine, use the articles to send to radio and television stations, to the 'left' and 'right' [peace is non-partisan] and to give speeches to other groups. It's a crucial time to reach those apathetic 'others.' With evidence mounting daily of the folly of war, peace is a dream whose time has come.

-Shirley Farlinger

Our apologies for two mistakes in the last issue: to Sonia Licht, who co-authored the HCA in Romania article on which only Andrew Pakula's name appeared; to Jean Drèze, who would rather be known as one of a group of friends who founded the Gulf Peace Team, rather than "the founder."

Peace Magazine Sep-Oct 1991

Peace Magazine Sep-Oct 1991, page 4. Some rights reserved.

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