By Richard Sanders, Mac Scott | 1991-07-01 12:00:00

Red Hot Canadian Machine Guns Now On Sale!

By Macdonald Scott

On the subject of arms control, the Government has solved a major problem. By tabling new legislation, they have wiped aside an inadvertent barrier to automatic weapons exports in the criminal code. Weapons manufacturers had long protested this block to their overseas sales, said one executive: "Canadian Companies can legally sell bombs, missiles, chemicals and all other kinds of mayhem, but you can't sell an automatic weapon." It seems this was a major catastrophe. Canadian gun manufacturers, among the "best" in the world, were unable to export their product. But not anymore. With new legislation proposed by Joe Clark, they can now export as many guns as they like.

Clearly the Gulf war showed just how important it is that Canadian arms manufacturers be able to enter the booming market of weapons sales as easily as possible, despite rhetoric about the "importance of arms control" delivered by Joe Clark and Mulroney after the war. Thank goodness that this little problem has been cleared up.

Meanwhile the U.S. just announced new arms sales to the Middle East.

Flaws, Gaps and Loopholes

By Richard Sanders

OTTAWA-Canada's new reporting system on the export of military goods does little to control our export of military equipment. Introduced to Parliament with great fanfare on March 6 by Joe Clark, the new reporting system has more to do with fending off rising public opposition. The Annual Report follows up on a commitment made by Clark in his address to the UN General Assembly on September 26, 1990.

A critical examination of the reporting system reveals several flaws, gaps and loopholes.

U.S.A. Boosts Military Exports

WASHINGTON-March 18, 1991, the White House announced that Congress would be asked to let the Export-Import Bank underwrite up to $ 1 billion in foreign arms sales to help domestic defence firms compete in the international market. Similar programs are now available to exporters of civilian goods and will simply off-set government support enjoyed by competitors such as France, Britain and Germany.

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