By Anne Bourret, Saul Chernos | 1990-10-01 12:00:00


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Un Pays Sans Armee

Option Paix, the Quebec Peace and Disarmament magazine, will launch the campaign Un Pays Sans Armee (A Land Without an Army) for the 1990 October Disarmament Week. The campaign aims to reduce the Deptartmenl of National Defence's (DND) budget; "convert" DND's budget; and ultimately eliminate the army.

The objectives may appear very ambitious but the campaign has already the support of several groups in Quebec: Friends of the Earth, health Professionals for Social Responsibility, and Artists for Peace, to name but a few.

According to Jean Yelle of Option Paix's steering commitee, A Land Without an Army could become the position of the Quebec Peace movement on defence policy for a sovereign Quebec.

Ironically, the call for the unilateral disarmament of Quebec comes at a time when the Canadian Armed Forces have never been so popular-the result of their role in, defusing the Oka Mohawk Warriors Society crisis without further bloodshed. Curiously, the steering committee seeks to "disarm" Quebec while defending the rights of the Warriors to advance their cause with semi-automatic weapons and other artillery.

Annie Bourret, Groupe de Recherche sur La Paix, Laval University.

Peace Magazine Oct-Nov 1990

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