In Memoriam: Norah Toole

By (staff) | 1990-08-01 12:00:00

Norah Vernon Barry Toole died suddenly on May 27, 1990. She was 84. Founder of the Fredericton Voice of Women (VOW) and a member of the National VOW since 1%1, Norab's enduring optimism drew many women of all ages to VOW.

Kay Macpherson writes: "Since the early forties, the Toole's house on the university campus was a mecca for anyone interested in music, the arts and politics.

Norah's encouragement of Indian crafts and customs led to her having many native women friends and many others who revelled in the political debates of those wartime years."

In search of common ground in a sea of antagonism around Meech lake, Norah organized a meeting of Native, French and English women to discuss the formation of a Well Woman Clinic. That was five days before she died.

Peace Magazine Aug-Sep 1990

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