Militarism and the Quality of Life

Alex C. Michalos Canadian Papers in Peace Studies, 1989 Number 1, 56 pp softcover. Science for Peace, U. of Toronto, University College M5S 1A7

By Neil Aberle (reviewer) | 1990-02-01 12:00:00

PEACENIKS with a proclivity to debate have been waiting for this little book. Michalos, a philosophy professor, has consolidated the arguments conceming militarism's contribution to or detraction from our quality of life. Seldom is the debate so crystallized as in this essay. With this book, you can throw out the clippings and notes on which you have depended. Here, in 50 pages, are tables of statistics, graphs, and insights from the likes of Seymour Melman, Ernie Regehr, J.K. Gaibraith, and Eugene J. Carroll.

The ethical, social, economic, and technological debate about militarism is made readable, understandable, and quotable. The distortions of economics and democracy caused by military preparation, arms trade, and military Keynesianism are discussed crisply.

Peace Magazine Feb-Mar 1990

Peace Magazine Feb-Mar 1990, page 30. Some rights reserved.

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