By Carol Ferguson | 1990-02-01 12:00:00


THE ANNUAL Atlantic Provinces Regional Conference of Project Ploughshares is scheduled for April 28-30 in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Conference theme will be "Towards a Peace Economy for Atlantic Canada." Sessions will be devoted to three sub-themes with a possible fourth: "Conversion and the Economy," "Conversion and the Environment," "Conversion and the Military," and (possibly) "Conversion and Employment."

A broad spectrum of official participants have been invited as speakers and sharers in discussion leadership, including ministers from all Atlantic Canada cabinets whose responsibilities have relevance for the themes. Also, National Ploughshares headquarters has offered to conduct a workship on Common Security with relevance to the central theme. Although the Conference is primarily for Ploughshares members, there will probably be open sessions. The meeting place will be announced in our April issue. For more information, contact Coordinator Martha Vowles (506/ 672-4220). Planners working with her include Carol Ferguson, Judith and Dodie Meinert, Ana Andrews and Gail Higgins.
Donald Craig (902) 634-8619

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