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THE MOST NOTABLE CHANGE going on in the peace movement today is the increasing linkage between it and the environmental movement. The current issue of PEACE reflects that welcome trend. There are many compelling reasons for close collaboration between these two movements; in fact, it is not too much to say that neither movement can succeed ultimately unless they both do, since the pollution of the planet is so much a matter of militarism. The most obvious fact is that, quite apart from the damage done by weapons when they are used, the planet's resources are unnecessarily squandered simply in manufacturing them. Moreover, even moving military planes, tanks, and rockets uses up fossil fuel unnecessarily and adds to the greenhouse effect.

Moreover, many weapons-such as defoliants- have been invented directly to damage the "enemy's" environment. Other environmental damage results from unintended side-effects that are not curtailed because of short-sightedness; low-level flying of bombers, and chemical testing in the open air are examples.

Nuclear energy is inextricably linked to nuclear weapons proliferation, since "civilian" reactors are the source of fissile ingredients for weapons, which are sometimes stolen and traded on the world's growing black market. Any increase in the number of nuclear reactors threatens the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons regime- not to mention the other terrible health effects on human beings and the other species with which we share the planet.

There are other less visible environmental factors as well, such as microwave and radio waves. These are the concerns to which this issue of the magazine is devoted.

How can we respond to these dangers? You may prefer to work politically, or you may undertake direct actions, as Indians are doing to preserve their lands against military invaders and uranium exploitation. Good wishes!

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Peace Magazine Jun-Jul 1989

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