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Has Peace Magazine always been under the Star Bangled Spanner, or is it a result of Free Trade? The "Labor" heading set me back on my heels with a jolt. At least Bill Thompson is still with the Canadian Labour Congress, but will I be subjected to more colorful spelling from ay to zee, with no defense? Please!!

Bill Marsh, Nepean, Ont.

Okay, okay! We yield to public demand. Hereafter, on the "Labour" page, the word will be spelled with "u." Elsewhere, except for Disarmament Campaigns, which is edited in Europe, we will continue punctuating and spelling as recommended by the Canadian Press, as Canadian newspapers and the vast majority of book and magazine publishers have done for over twenty years. Have you complained to your local paper? [Ed.]

Hungarian Travel Limits

In the June/July '88 article, "Peace Castle," Metta Spencer wrote, "Today, for example, Hungarians who have the money for foreign travel can do so without restrictions."

This is not true. Ferenc Köszeg, editor of the internationally respected samizdat journal, Beszélö, and Tamás Molnár, editor of the cultural journal, Hiany and member of the avant garde satirist art group, Inconnu, were among eight people who went on hunger strike to protest the withdrawal of their passports and the passports of other dissident intellectuals. Ironically, this occurred in the same month Ms. Spencer claimed otherwise.

Köszeg and Molnár had given interviews and had written articles criticizing the communist regime when abroad. Upon return to Hungary, their passports were withdrawn for abuse of travelling privileges. Hungary does have more liberal conditions for travel than its Eastern bloc allies, but it is not "without restrictions."

Wally Keeler, Toronto

Walk for World Survival

The "Walk for World Survival" will begin on March 12 at the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border and June 10 at Vancouver. Another group will start from Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan, and Big Mountain, Arizona. We are walking to Regina, in support of the recommendations of the International Uranium Congress. We want to halt the development of the new mine at Cigar Lake, Saskatchewan, the most dangerous uranium deposit ever discovered. The world average for uranium ore grade is 4 percent. The highest ever discovered before was 12 percent. That at Cigar Lake is up to 50 percent. The people working on the project don't even know how they will get it out of the ground. We say, leave it there.

To join us, call 416/ 363-2411.

Nancy Woods and five others, Toronto

Violence at Greenham

We demand an end to the escalating violence against us! Last night (Nov. 15, 1988) a cruise missile convoy left USAF Greenham Common, violating the spirit of the INF treaty. Convoy drivers threw a 6-foot pointed iron stake at women protesting nonviolently at the roadside in full view of the police. They also jettisoned a further five 3-foot iron stakes, which were collected and taken back into the base by military police. This is the latest and worst in a long series of incidents of police violence against us. Police later refused to take complaints. Write to Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police H.Q., Kidlington, Oxford, England.

Yellow Gate, Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, Near Newbury, Berks. RG14 7AS

Franz Blumenfeld Fund

Peace activists with innovative ideas for special events or research are invited to apply for grants or loans to the Franz Blumenfeld Peace Fund. Funding will be considered for public meetings, exhibitions, artistic presentations, and for distributing information, but not for an organization's start-up costs, ongoing activities, or for legal fees.

The Fund was founded by Hans Blumenfeld (an architect and city planner who died last year) in memory of his brother, who was killed in the First World War.

It is administered by a committee of Science for Peace. Requests are considered twice a year for applications received by April 1 and by October 1. Grants or loans normally do not exceed $1,000. Address inquirities to Prof. Christian Bay, Dept. of Political Science, U. of Toronto, M5S1A1.

Cynthia Folzer, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont.

Peace Magazine Feb-Mar 1989

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