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By John Baumann | 1988-06-01 12:00:00

leading lights of America's publishing and media community gathered recently in Manhattan for the Fifth Annual Olive Branch Awards. Organized by New York University's Centre for War, Peace and the News Media, the Writers' and Publishers' Alliance and the Editors' Organizing Committee, the awards were given to creators of books, articles and television programs that broke important ground in their coverage of arms control issues in 1987.

Heading the winners list was Robert Del Tredici for At Work in the Fields of the Bomb. In the magazine group, Olive Branches went to: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for Carol Cohn's article "Slick'ems, Glick'ems, Christmas Trees & Cookie Cutters: Nuclear Language & How We Learned to Pat the Bomb"; to Esquire for "Nuke City" by Martin Amis; The New Yorker for "The Four Pillars" by Richard Barnet and "Asymmetry" by John Hersey; Life for "Swords into Ploughshares."

Newspaper awards were given to the Albuquerque Journal for a series on how weapons scientists view their work, and to the Chicago Tribune for ongoing military affairs coverage by one of their reporters. In television, CBC News was recognized for "The Soviet Union: Seven Days in May," The Discovery Channel for "Russia: An Encore Presentation," and WETA (Washington, D.C.) for "The Summit: A Nuclear Age Drama." A Lifetime Achievement Award was given to James Aronson, journalist and author of The Press and The Cold War.

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