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The Peace and Conflict Radio Project

Radio is the cheapest way for the peace movement to reach the people. The Peace and Conflict radio project - a series of thirty half-hour radio documentaries about conflict, war, and the search for a just and peaceful world -began broadcasting in April. The home base for this project is CFMU-FM, McMaster Radio, in Hamilton, Ontario, but the series will also be heard across Canada via an alternative network of university and community radio stations.

The documentaries will educate and encourage public debate about peace and conflict issues. They will look at the nature of violence, hostility, war, and peace, suggest paths toward conflict resolution, and examine the historical roots of some of the major sources of conflict in Canada and the world today.

The Peace and Conflict Radio Project is based on over 100 interviews with people of local, national, and international prominence, such as John Barrett, Hans Bethe, Daniel and Philip Berrigan, Rosalie Bertell, Noam Chomsky, Ursula Franklin, John Holmes, George Ignatieff, Gen. Paul Manson, Anatol Rapoport, Ernie Regehr, Simon Rosenblum, Steve Shallhorn, and Rear-Admiral Slade.

THE PRODUCERS OF THIS SERIES - Dave Kattenburg and Clive Baugh, free lance writers and broadcasters who have been producing programs at CFMU-FM since 1978 - have o~ tamed funding for the project from the Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security, from the Explorations Program of the Canada Council, and from McMaster University.

On the first eight programs, topics include: (1) Why do we fight?; (2) Empire, Hegemony, and Conflict; (3) The Cold War; (4) "The Original Child Bomb"; (5) The Postwar Freeze: 1945-'50; (6) Canada's Cold War: Continental Air Defence (7) Canada - A Faithful Ally (8) Cold War and Third World.

For more information, contact the producers at CFMU-FM, McMaster Radio, 416/528-9888 or at 416/526-0527 (Clive) or 16/525-0028 (Dave). The address, 94 Emerald Street S., 2nd floor, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2V3.

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