Solutions for a Troubled World

Edited by Mark Macy Earthview Press., Boulder, Colorado, 1987

By Joanna Santa Barbara (interviewer) | 1988-02-01 12:00:00

This unusual book, with a title that sounds like a T.V. evangelist's sermon, has much to offer anyone whose reading diet has been heavy with images of nuclear and ecological doom, the horrors of current wars, and human rights abuses. It overviews a wide range of next steps toward possible futures. It is an odd experience to read, almost side by side, a chapter on meditation and one on the need for internationally agreed standards for global fibre-optic communication networks. Later, a chapter on "global spirituality" is followed by chapters on a world economy and science transfer to the third world.

However, the book has a logical structure, being divided into five sections: "Clearer Communication," "Who Should Regulate What?", "Transformation," "Inequities-- No Easy Solution," and "Dealing with Conflict."

Chapter authors are impressive for their experience in the global arena and represent ideas from first, second, and third world perspectives. Two of the best chapters, "Revamping the U.N. Voting Structure" and "Peace Values for a Better World" are written by veteran Canadian peace researcher Hanna Newcombe. I recommend it for everyone.

Peace Magazine Feb-Mar 1988

Peace Magazine Feb-Mar 1988, page 24. Some rights reserved.

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